Systems and Healthcare Optimization in Your Medical Practice

Today’s healthcare environment faces an increasing array of challenges, from rapid technological change to heightened competition and economic uncertainty. This has the potential to create a crisis environment with operational and financial problems and the need for rapid solutions.

Our Practice Optimization services offer critical assistance to clients that are underperforming, in crisis or healthy with underperforming divisions. Working directly with management, Insight Management helps stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing profitability plans.

Insight Management involvement reassures clients and their employees that the organization is taking important steps to address its problems and maximize its value.

During a restructuring, Insight Management works alongside management to develop a plan that makes sense and is able to be executed. We provide advice on specific aspects of the turnaround process, and help manage complex constituency relations and communications.

Insight Management has led many challenging turnaround engagements for clients. We can provide technical assistance, guidance and planning to support your existing management team engaged in a turnaround effort.

EMR Solutions

Insight Management has experience implementing EMR Solutions in both large hospital systems and personal physicians’ offices.

We have moved providers from standard systems to complete EMR functionality in less than two months. We have a wide range of experiences and our staff has been trained to help you through the most complex of problems.

If You Do Not Have An EMR:

We can provide you with free software.   We will work with all staff members and doctors to assist in a smooth transition of all Electronic Health Records.  Integrating EMR into your practice without slowing your productivity is our priority.

Insight provides practice transformation and decision support  use.  For those practice sites transitioning to EHRs during their enrollment in the project, Insight will  provide support in:

  • EHR implementation
  • EHR-focused practice transformation
  • System deployment
  • Computerized decision support

Read about the Financial risk of not having an expert in your corner during a practices conversion to EMR.

If You Have An EMR...

If you have an EMR, and need assistance integrating it into your practice, we can help.

We will take a hands-on approach to ensure the productivity of your office is not compromised during the process.  We will:

  • Provide onsite training to all staff members
  • Hold onsite classes to educate all staff members on EMR technology
  • Act as a liason between your staff members and your EMR software technicians

Get a Free EMR Software Solution

Meaningful Use

Insight Management is a turnkey solution in the meaningful use certification consulting space. We offer Meaningful Use consulting that is personalized to your clinical and non-clinical workflows, EMR software, and your individual practice needs.

Insight Management will help you to avoid penalties for not participating in the Meaningful Use Program, qualify for incentive payments up to 65k per provider, and most importantly, comply with your EMR’s Meaningful Use Reports and Quality Measure Reports. We offer a personalized consulting plan that takes you from start to finish. Get the guidance you need to meet Meaningful Use with ease, no more guessing or confusion.

Progress Reports

We give Progress Reports on your Performance and work with you to create a customized plan on how to address low scoring meaningful use measures.

Project Management

We have extensive Meaningful Use Stage 2 project management experience on multiple EMR platforms. Our approach ensures the use of vendor-recommended best practices for Meaningful Use. Our consultants will monitor the performance throughout attestation and provide guidance or the tools needed to comply with failing measures.

Audit Representation

We give full audit representation.

HIPAA Trained & Certified

Our Consultants are HIPAA trained and certified, managing all protected data and supporting documentation securely.

Annual Penalty Protection

Medicare providers face increasing annual penalties for not demonstrating Meaningful Use. We can help you avoid future penalties, keeping your reimbursements in your pocket.

Compliance Consulting

CMS Mandatory Medicare Compliance Program

Under the Patient Accountability and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010, compliance programs will no longer be voluntary for Medicare and Medicaid providers.  They will be mandatory for those providers who participate in any federal healthcare program.

Under PPACA all Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers will be obligated to implement a compliance and ethics program that is effective in preventing and detecting criminal, civil and administrative violations in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Insight Management Corp. will develop a customized compliance program for your practice, fully train your staff and doctors and write your compliance manual.

What Must Be In a Compliance Plan?

Policies and Procedures

We will write policies and procedures that describe compliance expectations as embodied in a code of conduct or code of ethics.

Compliance Officer

We will train the designated employee vested with responsibility for the compliance program.

Training and Education

We will provide training and education of all employees, including executives and doctors.


We will establish communication lines that are accessible to all employees, executives and governing body members to allow compliance issues to be reported.  Such communication lines shall include a method for anonymous and confidential good faith reporting.


We will design disciplinary policies to encourage good faith participation in the compliance program for failing to report suspected problems, participating in non-compliant behavior or encouraging, directing, facilitating or permitting non-compliant behavior.

Auditing and Monitoring/Risk Area Identification

We will establish a system for routine identification of compliance risk areas specific to Provider type, for self-evaluation of such risk areas, including but not limited to internal audits and, as appropriate, external audits, mandatory reporting, governance, and quality of care.

Reporting and Response

We will put in place a system for responding to compliance issues; for investigating potential compliance problems; responding to compliance problems as identified in the course of self- evaluations and audits; correcting such problems promptly and thoroughly and implementing procedures, policies and systems as necessary to reduce the potential for recurrence.


We will develop a policy of non-intimidation and non-retaliation for good faith participation in the compliance program.


What Policies Need to Be Included?
  1. Employee Screening Policy
  2. Compliance Training Policy
  3. Employee Discipline Policy
  4. Vendor Screening and Relations Policy
  5. Fraud and Abuse Reporting Policy
  6. Non-Retaliation Policy
  7. Internal Audit Policy
  8. Government Investigation Policy
  9. D&O/ Employee Conflict of Interest Policy
Mandatory CMS Compliance...For Me???
  • If your practice receives payments from Medicare, HMO’s, Managed Care or Medicare Advantage Plus, then yes,   YOU MUST have a compliance program and compliance manual documenting the program.
  • Under PPACA, you must certify that a compliance program is in effect by December 31, 2013.
  • This includes all providers including Pediatrics, Specialists, Physical Therapy, Diagnostic Centers, Dentists, etc.
What Happens If I don't have a Program?
  • Potential Recovery of Medicare and Medicaid payments by the Government
  • Higher likelihood of an Audit by the DOH is you do not submit your certification form
  • Risk of being dropped from the Medicare or Medicaid program
How Do We Get a Compliance Program?

Insight will develop a customized compliance program for your practice, train your organization and write your compliance manual.  The cost is $4,500.  Each year we will update the compliance program and manual and retrain your organization, as required.

*If you are a member of an IPA, ask us about our special IPA discount!

Performance Improvement & Operations Efficiency

Now more than ever, board members, physicians and corporate management are recognizing that performance improvement and operating efficiently are more than just a means to a turnaround.

It is about working with underperforming businesses and/or employees and collaborating with management to improve productivity, earnings and cash, and helping organizations to quickly recover when they have missed earnings or are experiencing tightened liquidity.

We employ a hands-on, approach to making positive change to people, processes and operations. Working alongside existing management or through more direct intervention as interim managers or as a catalyst for change, Insight Management’s improvement teams identifies value, driving earnings and cash to the bottom line. We help develop new opportunities and produce results — in the face of change.

Our performance improvement professionals draw on best practices to maximize growth opportunities. We focus on control of direct costs and improving value, while optimizing general and administrative costs and other overhead.

Our team helps clients to improve by bringing a unique focus on a better and more efficient and accountable working environment.

Our management team is drawn from healthcare operational, advisory and clinical and finance backgrounds with broad experience throughout the healthcare industry and solid execution capabilities to bring maximum value to our clients.

In today’s environment, it’s about quality and accelerating results through proactive management.

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